Relationship Counselling

Infidelity or Affairs

Have you, or your partner cheated?  Do you feel betrayed? Can you Forgive? Do you need answers? Do you need to know why?

Lack of Trust / Jealously

Have you lost trust? Have you lost how to communicate? Are you angry, arguing all the time? Is the guilt eating you up?

Social Media Interference

Is your partner constantly on the phone? Do you feel ignored? Is your partner checking your phone all the time? Is Social Media coming between your relationship?

Why come to counselling?

When life become exhausting and you lose control of your relationship. It can be easier to talk to someone who is not personally involved, who will not take 'sides', who will not judge, and will listen, understanding and suggesting ways to move forward

What to expect?

Couples Counselling is about listening to each other without interruption. Giving each other space to talk. Learning how to communicate with  each other again. Setting goals. Understanding why you got together and how you got to this stage?

Do we split up? or move forward?

Can you get past the anger when your emotions are up and down minute by minute? Are you thinking straight? What about the future? What is the effect on the children? What about finances? Have you lost the intimacy? Can you trust again or do you need help with ending your relationship?  

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